Authority To Grant Leave To Haryana Employees 2024

The authorities competent to grant leave under the Haryana Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 2016 are outlined in specific rules within the document.

Under rule 6, authorities competent to sanction leave of any kind to a Government employee are designated. These authorities must exercise their power strictly in accordance with the leave rules and meet certain conditions. These include gaining prior approval from the Administrative Department for certain cases that involve extra expenses to the Government, the creation of a post, or a reference to higher authorities for a substitute.

Authorities can also re-delegate the powers to any gazetted officer under their jurisdiction while retaining overall responsibility. This re-delegation must follow certain conditions and restrictions, and copies of such orders should be endorsed to the Administrative Department, Finance Department, and the Principal Accountant General.

In terms of extraordinary leave, rule 42 sets out which authorities are competent to sanction this. For Group C and D Employees, the Head of Office can sanction up to 120 days. A Head of Department can sanction up to 240 days for any Government employee under their control. For periods of up to 365 days, the Administrative Department can grant leave.

In the case of study leave, rule 53 states that the Administrative Department, with the agreement of the Finance Department, is the competent authority.

Finally, rule 74 defines casual leave and notes that it is not a regular leave, yet an employee on casual leave is not treated as absent from duty.

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